Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Calvert Foundation Receives Top Honor for “Innovative Social Impact Investing"

While impact investing may often be looked at as direct means to an end, the Calvert Foundation has re-routed the investment approach by effectively promoting innovative social impact investing tools to disadvantaged communities.

On Tuesday, October 26th, Calvert Foundation received Top Honor for “Innovative Social Impact Investing." This award was an amazing accomplishment for us, as our fantastic microfinance borrowers have provided hand ups, not hand outs, and our investors have received a return upon doing so. This award was part of the Investment & Innovation in Microfinance conference, which continued through Wednesday, October 27th.
Art Stevens, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, accepted the award on behalf of Calvert Foundation with an acknowledgement of the growth of retail investors in this sector and a nod to the wonderful microfinance institutions we work with, some of which were in the room when we accepted the award.

Interim President and CEO, Lisa Hall was pleased to receive this award: "We are thrilled to be recognized our work in this area. Fifteen years ago, we became pioneers in bringing everyday people the opportunity to invest in microfinance. Now we see many others adopting this model, and more and more investors coming into the space. However, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without the fantastic microfinance borrowers in our portfolio doing meaningful, impactful work."

The panel of judges was composed of experienced microfinance experts, including, Monica Brand, Principal Director, Frontier Investments, ACCION International; Daniel Dax, General Manager, LuxFlag; George Conard, Executive Director, Technology for Microfinance Grameen Foundation; Marten Leijon, Executive Director, The MIX; David Satterthwaite, Senior Global MicroInsurance Officer, Oxfam America; and Joan Trant, Executive Director, IAMFI.

With such an esteemed set of industry leaders and microfinance experts choosing us for this award, it was a true honor to be the recognized for our innovative social impact investing efforts.

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