Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Honoring Wayne Silby at the 41st Joseph Wharton Award Dinner

Lydia Cutrer is a Jr. Investment Officer with Calvert Foundation's Risk Management Team, focusing on the Domestic Lending Portfolio. As a Graduate of the Wharton School and active member of the Wharton Alumni Club of DC, she was one of several Calvert Foundation representatives in attendance to celebrate the recognition of Calvert Investments and Calvert Foundation Founder Wayne Silby at the 41st Annual Joseph Wharton Award Dinner.
Lydia Cutrer
Last week, D. Wayne Silby – founder of both Calvert Foundation and Calvert Investments – was among four Wharton University alumni honored at the 41st Annual Joseph Wharton Award Dinner, sponsored by the Wharton Alumni Club of DC. The honorees were recognized for their substantial career success and leadership, strong ties to the Wharton School and University of Pennsylvania, and a solid commitment to public service. While they varied in age and experience, the “fabulous four” all embodied the spirit of the award as each shared with the audience a tangible passion for their life’s work through moving remarks about their personal journeys.
Wayne Silby commented that, although he and Calvert Investments co-founder John Guffey endeavored to make a lot of money out of college, he realized the potential of channeling capital in a way that would be productive to society and became committed to this pursuit. Wayne talked of his continued efforts in underserved communities, particularly in China, through the Calvert Social Investment Fund and other personal ventures. The Club’s President and the dinner’s emcee, Alan Schlaifer, quoted from Calvert Foundation CEO Lisa Hall: “Wayne is not only a visionary, he has also been able to bring to fruition what others cannot even envision." 

Of the nearly 125 guests in attendance, the Calvert name was well represented in celebration of Silby’s achievements. Along with Lisa Hall, the Calvert contingent also included fellow Wharton alumni Reggie Stanley (Calvert Foundation Board Member and Calvert Investments’ Chief Marketing Officer), Lydia Cutrer (Calvert Foundation Jr. Investment Officer), and Daryn Dodson (Associate with Calvert Investments).

The youngest honoree, Alison Malmon, described the tragedy of losing her older brother in her sophomore year at Penn as the result of his depression leading to suicide. Though she could not initially understand how her smart and active brother took his own life, she began to learn the drastic need for mental health support for students and young adults. She founded Active Minds, Inc. on Penn’s campus and over the past eight years, the organization has grown to nearly 340 college chapters. Another honoree, His Excellency Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., Ambassador of the Philippines to the United States, credited his education at Wharton, long career in banking, and supportive wife and five daughters with helping him build a foundation to serve his people. Joyce Hunter, CEO of Vulcan Enterprises LLC, is a fearless advocate and sought-after advisor for Health and Human Services. She spoke of her impassioned focus on health information technology after her father became sicker because the hospital where he was admitted did not have access to his medical records.

The night was a heartfelt testament to the power of leadership, innovation, integrity, passion, and commitment to others representative of both the Wharton and Calvert names.