Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Staff Spotlight: Harvard Business School Leadership Fellow Alla Jezmir

This week, we say goodbye to Alla Jezmir, a valued colleague who has made tremendous strides in her year-long fellowship with Calvert Foundation.

 Alla joined Calvert Foundation last summer as part of a Harvard Business School Fellowship called "Leadership Fellows," which matches non-profits with recent MBA graduates to bring the graduates’ strengths and skills to growing organizations.

While at Calvert Foundation, Alla was instrumental in developing Green Strategies to Fight Poverty™, which allows investors to finance organizations in our portfolio that address both poverty and environmental issues, including climate change and environmental degradation. Alla used her knowledge and experience in consulting, international development, and alternative energy to bring this program to fruition. “Both domestically and internationally, the need for this type of financing is profound,” she said. “I leave knowing there’s a lot of energy and interest in supporting work at the intersection of poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability.” Calvert Foundation expects to have $10 million in our portfolio as part of Green Strategies to Fight Poverty™ by year end.

After wrapping up here, Alla will travel to Tanzania for two months to work with EGG-energy, which she helped found in 2009. She oversees EGG-energy’s capital raising and partnership development and serves as board director. EGG-energy offers a battery subscription service to low-income African households and small businesses that lack access to the power grid, helping to reduce the use of expensive energy sources like kerosene. She will spend her time in Tanzania supporting ground operations, preparing the organization for expansion, and actively continuing her work on the board.

Upon her return to the U.S. in October, Alla will join the business development group of AES, one of the world’s largest power companies, where she will work on the development of new power plants.

“It’s been a privilege to work here and I think the potential for the impact we can have is tremendous. Great work is being done here,” she said.

Many thanks to Alla for all of the great work she has done here! We wish you all the best in Tanzania and at AES!

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