Thursday, May 27, 2010

Opportunity Collaboration selects Calvert Foundation CEO for award.

The Opportunity Collaboration has selected Shari Berenbach as the recipient of the Opportunity Collaboration's 2010 Economic Achievement Award

Presented by the Opportunity Collaboration, the award recognizes an exceptional leader with a passionate commitment to combating poverty through methods that are creative, collaborative and efficient. 
"Shari Berenbach is a force of nature," says Opportunity Collaboration CEO Jonathan C. Lewis.  "She has been a consistent and unwavering voice for social and economic justice.  Via innovative thinking, collaborative action, and an open heart, Shari has increased the economic opportunities for thousands upon thousands.  We are proud to honor a leader who so clearly displays the social investment ideal."

As winner of the 2010 Economic Opportunity Award, Shari will join 300 delegates later this year at the Opportunity Collaboration, a four-day strategic and problem solving business retreat for nonprofit leaders, for-profit social entrepreneurs, funders and social investors working to combat poverty. 

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